Yacht  Jonathan Livingston

Rent a sailing boat, the chart of dates and prices for the year 2017

Saturday is the take-over and hand-over day for the ship Bavaria 37.
Price is stated for 1 week.
Prices stated in the chart are the same as the prices offered by the charter company which operates our BAVARIA 37 ship – Jonathan Livingston.
Rent a sailing boat.There will be 10% discount on an order placed via our web page.

BAVARIA 37 - Jonathan Livigstone


Starting date 25. February4. March11. March18. March25. March01. April
price (EUR) 100010001000100010001000
reservation reservereservereservereservereservereserve
Starting date 8. April15. April22. April29. april6. May13. May
price (EUR) 100010001000104010401300
reservation reservereservereservereservereservereserve
Starting date 20. May27. may03. June10. June17. June24. June
price (EUR) 130017001700170017001700
reservation reservereservereservereserve
Starting date 01. July8. July15. July22. july29. July5. August
price (EUR) 190019001900190019001900
Starting date 12. August19. August26. August2. September09. September16. September
price (EUR) 190019001700170017001700
reservation reservereservereserve
Starting date 23. September30. september07. October14. October
price (EUR) 1700110011001100
reservation reservereservereservereserve

Key for booking:

ship available
preliminary booked ship
booked ship
ship in maintenance



What is included in the price:

  • Rental of the ship for the whole week (from Saturday to the following Saturday)
  • Bed linen
  • Parking berth at its home Marina


What is not included in the price:

  • Payment for parking in any other port than the home port
  • Fuel
  • Final cleaning





By clicking on “PRELIMINARY ORDER”, a simple form (message) will be activated, in which you will write the dates you require, your name and contact data, as well as the estimated number of persons who will travel on the ship (maximum 6 + 2).

After having filled the necessary data in, send the “SEND PRELIMINARY ORDER” message.

This message will directly be sent to the charter company which will discuss with you the other conditions (including payment) of the rental of the ship.

You can directly contact the persons responsible (mobile/e-mail) should you wish to make an order.


To rent and navigate the ship, you need a licence, i.e. captain´s licence for ship navigation.
Should you not possess a licence to navigate a ship, please contact us and we will provide you a skipper.


  Ivan Jurkovič
tel: +421903242979
e-mail: ivan.jurkovic@juprokipro.sk
  Juraj Rousek
tel: +421905605283
e-mail: juraj.rousek@telecomproject.sk



as per chart